12 in ’16


It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged (and no, you probably wouldn’t know my previous blog. it still exists, though, so maybe I’ll link to it someday). I don’t really make New Year’s resolutions but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about creativity. I used to be very creative — cooking, writing, crafting, blogging, singing/playing instruments… but I spent the past ten years in a retail job, the last five of those while working on my bachelor’s degree. There wasn’t much time or energy for creativity. Now that I have completed my degree and have escaped my somewhat stultifying job I’ve decided that it’s time to reboot my creative side. First step:  cooking like a madwoman. Second step:  new blog. Third step:  dust off my guitar. And so on, and so on, and so on.


Heading into the woods on a recent hike in New Hampshire.

Why “Happy Vegan Camper?” I’ve always loved being outdoors, walking in the woods, kayaking, Geocaching, feeling the sun on my face. Something really clicked about a year ago, though, when my boyfriend mentioned his longtime fascination with Maine’s 100 Mile Wilderness. I was suddenly consumed by the idea of more serious hiking and even backpacking. I spent last winter reading, researching, and buying gear, and we did a lot of hiking, a little car camping, and a tiny bit of backpacking in 2015. We love it. We can’t get out in the woods nearly enough to satiate ourselves. We don’t have immediate plans to hike the 100 Mile Wilderness but we may get there someday. For now we are spending as much time as possible exploring the wilds of New England and hope to do more backpacking this year.

And yes, I am a vegan. I am also obsessed with living as natural a lifestyle as I can. I moisturize my skin with organic, extra-virgin coconut oil; I burn essential oils to combat colds and flu; I clean my apartment with white vinegar. I eat as organic as is feasible for me. I avoid at all costs artificial sweeteners, colors, flavorings, and preservatives.  I try to err on the side of more whole foods, fewer processed foods.

So sometimes finding outdoor gear and food can be challenging. I make the best effort I can at adhering to my ethics, though, and I’ll use this site to share my findings with you.

I also run. Roads, trails, the pond we live next to when it freezes over. Some of that will probably sneak in here, too.

By now you’re probably wondering what “12 in ’16” means. I can’t take credit for that — that’s all my boyfriend (who is far more creative than I have ever even hoped to be). He has this idea of having one major adventure each month this year (in addition to our regular adventures). Figuring out WordPress is turning out to be more of an adventure than I thought it would be but we are also hoping to spend a night or two at Mass Audubon’s Innermost House in Topsfield (MA) for our first adventure. We did this last March, and it was great, but my boyfriend (I really need to come up with a nickname for him) had a pretty bad cold and couldn’t fully enjoy our time there. So, new year, new adventure in Topsfield!

I hate blog posts that go on forever. Trying to curb my penchant for overwriting will be another ongoing adventure for me this year.







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