It is a nasty, nasty day in New England. I’ve been wishing for snow all week but to no avail… it’s windy and crazy rainy with a record-breaking temperature of 58 degrees in my town — at 5:30pm. In January. In New England. Apparently the temperature is going to drop like a rock tonight and tomorrow’s expected high is 34. I’m OK with that. We’ll be going on a 65 minute run. I’d much rather run in 34 degrees than 64 degrees. My dad has always said I must be part penguin.

So instead of being outdoorsy I haven’t left my apartment and have been cooking. I made walnut pesto (#pinenutsaretoofreakingexpensive), carrot-harissa dip (mostly based on this recipe but I always tweak recipes to suit my needs/preferences/ingredients on hand), and baked doughnuts (mostly based on this recipe but I always tweak recipes to suit my needs/preferences/ingredients on hand).


I’d love to blame the poor quality of this picture on my haste/laziness in taking it. That’s partly true but I am also just not a very good photographer.

I made the doughnuts with some butternut squash my aunt in Maine grew and topped them with apple cider glaze instead of chocolate. Creativity! I also made homemade Swiffer wet cloths by mixing water, white vinegar, and peppermint Dr. Bronner soap in a big zip bag and adding enough cheap, thin washcloths to soak up all the liquid. ‘Cause I’m weird like that (and I hate using synthetic chemicals to clean my house just as much as I hate using them in/on my body).


If you know me you know that I am currently unemployed — by choice. I am dreading the day when I have to start looking for a job… and that day is approaching far too quickly for my taste. I would much rather be making hair conditioner, relearning to play the piano,, and, of course, playing outside.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a gorgeous daikon radish and a less-than-perfectly-fresh cucumber that are just dying to be pickled. Heheheheheh.

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