Tiptoe-ing through the Tulips

Yesterday was That Guy’s (his newly chosen trail name/nickname to be used on this site, inspired by a song from this brilliant show) and my 16th anniversary. We’re usually more into experiences as gifts more than material goods but I found something that works as both:  ukuleles! That Guy is an incredibly talented pianist/guitar player/composer and I have always been musically inclined (though I haven’t done much with it in my adult life). He’s been trying to get me involved in his writing/playing for a while now. I bought a guitar a few years ago and learned a lot in a couple months but then Life happened and I ignored my guitar for far too long and forgot almost everything. I’ve picked it up again recently, though, and thought that the ukulele would be a good bridge instrument/project for us to take on together. I chose this model after hearing about it on one of my favorite podcasts thinking we can also take them camping and drive our neighbors crazy. In fact, hearing about them on the podcast is what planted the idea in my head in the first place.


I SWEAR I’ll start putting more effort into my photography… someday

TG, of course, took his uke out of its box, tuned it, looked at a chord sheet, and started playing every song ever written within three minutes. I am a little slower. Trying to learn an instrument at 45 as opposed to 7 (when I started playing the piano) is challenging. I’m struggling to memorize chord fingerings. I’m bound and determined, though, to practice a little each day and become at least vaguely competent as soon as possible. I’m excited about writing and playing with TG but I also think it will be super fun to play for my future students. I think that music is a great way to learn language, math, and motor skills without necessarily realizing it!


Last night as I was drifting off to sleep I thought “ooohhhhhh… I have to learn Tiptoe through the Tulips if I really want to be legit…” Then I got this e-mail from my brother this morning:  “If you don’t learn Tiptoe Through the Tulips. I’m going to be very disappointed in you.” We’re not twins but I’m pretty sure we share a brain anyway.



3 thoughts on “Tiptoe-ing through the Tulips

  1. When you learn some songs, you have to teach me the next time you come to Maine. Mt little wooden ukulele sits alone and unplayed. (spell check didn’t like that word.)


  2. I was originally going to suggest “Riptide” by Vance Joy, but I wasn’t sure if you knew that one or not.


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