Drunk posting!

We just got back from a super cold, super fun craft beer festival! We never really had a “12 in ’16” adventure in January, so we’ll have to make up for that at some point, but I’d say today qualifies as our February/anniversary/Valentine’s Day adventure. 

I can only assume this temp and wind chill were accurate but (fortunately!) it was bright and sunny the whole time we were out.


This party, thrown by Beveridge Beer (and soap) Company took place on 19 Mile Bay on Lake Winnipesaukee in Tuftonboro, NH, where the ice is thick and the wind is… well… thick. Did I mention that it’s cold up here today?

So anyway… drunk posting. Yes, I am a total lightweight. I had toast for breakfast, ran four miles, had a tofu salad sandwich for lunch, and then had maybe a total of two pints of beer in an hour and a half. Maybe not even that much. But apparently that wasn’t enough food to support that amount of beer because I am about as buzzed as I’ve ever been. How do people get any more drunk than this? I’m pretty happy and pretty confused but I don’t ever want to be any more ‘in my cups’ than this. And no, I did NOT drive home. I like beer but I’m not stupid. 

parking area, not beer fest area. but this is the lake! those cars are parked on ice, not dirt or pavement! and dig the mountain in the background!

Anyway… a lot of our favorite northern New England breweries were there, including Baxter, Sebago, Moat Mountain, and Great North, as well as a couple new to us/new favorites: North Country Cider and Hobbs Brewing. North Country featured a cinnamon-habanero “Fire Starter” cider while my Hobbs pick of the day was the ginger Hefeweizen. Kevin is currently at the local grocery store to see if he can find anything from either of these breweries. 

damn shadows. there was really nothing I could do, though. and yes, the abominable snowelf shadow to the right is me. in many layers of clothing. many of which are purple.


So with the Belknap mountain range in the background and a cute display put together by a local distributor this was an event well worth the time, money, and brain-numbing wind chill. I wish I’d gotten more pictures but my phone shut down after this one… much like it did two miles into my run this morning. It really doesn’t like the cold.  

I scored a really sweet Baxter Brewing hat, too.  

Ok, so it cost $10, but I’m happy to support my homies. And their Pamola Pale Ale is our go-to camping beer. Not that we’d ever actually take beer to a campground in Maine or Massachusetts because that’s illegal. 

In case you’re wondering how Circulation Compromised Girl spent 90 minutes standing around in subzero (wind chill) temps, here’s what I wore (most of these garments were mentioned in previous posts so I won’t link them again. plus I’m writing this on my phone so links are kind of a pain in the butt): lightweight base layer top; mid weight base layer top; mid weight hooded fleece top; puffy coat: midweight base layer tights; (new! exciting!) snow pants; fleece socks; insulated hiking boots with TWO toe warmers each; Buff headband around my ears; thick, warm knit hat; Buff neck warmer/face mask; glove-mittens; hand warmers. I was surprisingly comfortable for most of the time. I never felt dangerously cold… and I was close enough to the car that I could have run for cover if need be. Any longer could have been a little trickier but I think I was appropriately dressed for the occasion. And I pretty much want to wear my snow pants all the time. So warm! So cozy!

Disclaimer:  as I mentioned earlier I’m writing this entry on my phone, so I have no idea/apologize for how it may look on any other device. I’ll edit if necessary and add links when I get home to my laptop. 

PS: no North Country Cider or Hobb’s beer at the local grocery store. =( We’ll keep looking, though… they’re both worth the effort!